Financing a family gap year: managing your daily budget

In this blog, I'll explain in detail what our daily budget looks like, how we've allocated amounts to different categories like transport, accommodation and eating out; and how we ensure that we record all that is spent. I'll also cover how we are tracking against our budget across the categories, how our spend compares across the countries that we've travelled in and what we would do differently next time. Interested? Read on!

Financing a family gap year: Setting a budget

So, what's the secret? How is it that so many families have discovered the silver bullet and are travelling long-term. With a little bit of planning and quite a lot of good luck, our plans took shape very quickly. We are living off a budget of £95 per day for the three months that we are in SE Asia and £58 a day for the three months travelling in New Zealand. Here's how we did it.