Financing a family gap year: managing your daily budget

In this blog, I'll explain in detail what our daily budget looks like, how we've allocated amounts to different categories like transport, accommodation and eating out; and how we ensure that we record all that is spent. I'll also cover how we are tracking against our budget across the categories, how our spend compares across the countries that we've travelled in and what we would do differently next time. Interested? Read on!

Tips for packing: 7 ways to lighten the load when packing for kids and babies

Packing – the word that strikes fear into the heart of even the most intrepid travelling parents. Me? I love it. Why does it even matter? Simple. Less stuff equals less to worry about. It means that I can spend more time with my kids and less time unpacking at each new destination and packing up when we leave. That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of 7 simple things that you can do to help take the pain out of packing, by ensuring you only take what you really need and no more.